Is it too cold to be walking your dog?

With temperatures dropping by the day, have you ever wondered how much cold your four-legged companion can handle?

Sure, they might be begging to get you to put their leash on for a well-deserved stroll around the neighbourhood, but according to PetPlan, the cold weather could be very dangerous for them.

Temperature to watch out for

The London-based pet insurance company explains that to figure out how cold is 'too cold' you must look into the size, age, breed of your pet as well as the temperature in question on a given day.

As a general rule of thumb, the younger and smaller the dog, the less cold it can withstand. A chihuahua, for instance, should not be getting their daily outdoors exercise when the temperature is below four degrees Celsius. The same is applicable for medium-sized dogs, depending on the breed.

When it comes to larger breeds, on the other hand, colder weather becomes 'potentially unsafe' for them when temperatures drop below one degree Celsius. Generally speaking, no dog should be exposed to weather below minus nine degrees Celsius for extended amounts of time at once, as this could lead to 'life-threatening' complications.

How to ensure safety in colder weather

Though you might find pet attire to look a little silly and contrived, it could actually make all the difference when walking your dog in the colder months of the year. Having your furry friend wear a coat and boots designed specifically for dogs could really make a difference for them. Especially, when walking your dog in wet and cold areas.

If your dog's behaviour leads you to believe that it is too cold to have them go on a walk outside, try finding ways of physically exerting them indoors. This could either be in the form of at-home games or training exercises that don't require going too large spaces.

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