Here Are Three Good Reasons Goats Make The Best Pets

Who said there are just cats and dogs in this world? For years now, pygmy goats have been very popular as pets in the countryside. So if you don’t know whether to try it out for yourself, here are our three top reasons that you should consider adopting one of these adorable animals.

A strong personality

You can adopt a pygmy goat (60 centimetres shoulder width) from the age of three months and then your adventure can begin! This animal is charming and funny but quite stubborn and is therefore a pet that requires a lot of attention on your part and also a lot of human contact in order to become the perfect pet.

In comparison to what you might think, a goat is a very talented and smart creature, and even if it seems to be whimsical and skittish sometimes, that doesn’t mean that it won’t understand what you expect from it. It will have just decided not to listen to you! But if you give it love, patience and a lot of stimulation, it will be loyal towards you and give you lots of love.

A helper in the garden

Needless to say, pygmy goats can eat a lot! It’s simple, if you want to have a nice lawn and maintain your garden in the most ecological way possible, all you have to do is adopt one of these little creatures, and they will take care of everything!

As a greedy little thing, the goat will take care of the grass, the clovers and the weeds… But that's not all! It will also have a nibble on trees, shrubs, bushes and might even eat certain plants with thorns, unlike sheep which tend to avoid them.

Goats are very valuable, ecological friends that you will quickly fall in love with! And trust us, they are a lot nicer and cuddlier than your lawnmower or pruning shears!

An original pet

Farm animals can easily become good pets if you have enough space and a good environment that is well suited to them, and a pygmy goat is clearly no exception.

They will give you hours of fun and happiness. For example, goats love to perch, so you can make them wooden apparatus so that they can climb, run and jump. If you have a steep plot of land available, then that’s perfect!

Their hooves are thought to develop best in areas that aren’t very easy to get to and they will find this environment a lot more amusing than a flat, classic plot of land. But to prevent your goat getting too bored, maybe think about adopting a second goat so that they can be friends!

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