This optical illusion reveals if you’re a dog or cat person

Optical illusions are always fun and sometimes they can reveal things about ourselves. This one can figure out if you prefer cats or dogs.

Optical illusions come and go all the time. Some often have two or three things hidden in them and depending on what you saw first, it can mean different things about your personality. This one by Jackpotjoy is no different.

What did you see first?

There are two different animals in this optical illusion. First, there is a long-eared spaniel and there are also two cats sitting side by side.

If you saw a dog first

If you saw the dog first, it is highly likely that you have a preference for them. According to psychologists, if you prefer dogs, you are more likely to be a loyal and friendly person and you are extremely easy to get along with. You may also be the outgoing type as reports WalesOnline. You love to socialise and enjoy companionship. You’re the protective type with your relationships.

If you saw the cats first

If you saw the two cats first, you probably prefer cats making you more goal-orientated and motivated. You most likely prefer your own company and are more introverted. You love to be independent but you can be attention-seeking on occasions. You are a natural leader and you are also very creative and never stop looking for opportunities.

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