Optical Illusion: The first thing that you see will reveal whether you're happy or not

Optical illusions, oftentimes, are meant to challenge our thinking. But can they also reveal the truth about our happiness? Let's find out below.

What is an optical illusion? It is a visual puzzle that’s meant to challenge and stimulate our brain power. Often, confusing, these brain teasers are a lot more than a challenge. They can detect our character traits, our perspectives and can even determine our level of happiness.

The illusion we’re talking about is a video that went recently caught the attention of the viewers of TikTok.

The illusion of happiness

The TikTok certified account called ‘Brightside official’ posted the video of an optical illusion. The video features a blue image that appears to have these two elements: a core of an eaten apple and the faces of two women facing each other. It was captioned:

What did you see first here?

The video contains a voiceover that explains that the level of your happiness depends on what you see first, the women or the apple core.

What did you see?

The users had mixed reactions in the comments of the video. Some saw the apple core initially, while some saw the faces of women at the first glance. The voiceover elaborates that, If you saw the apple core first you are more ‘likely to be happy right now’.

They add:

If it's an apple for you, you take things for what they are and you're pretty happy with what you see in life (...) You know you can always count on your loved ones and that they'll support you no matter what. You are always in a good mood and you pass that on to others.

What did you see first here?!🤔😏👇#riddles#findoddoneout#whatdoyousee#whatdoyouseefirst

♬ original sound - BRIGHT SIDE

On the other hand, however, if the two women’s faces appear to you first they state that ‘your relationships are your top priority in life’, but most importantly ‘you may be going through a period of uncertainty with someone you care about’

They then proceed to advise the viewers to share their troubles with their family and loved ones. Although the illusion seemed interesting, it, however, did not mention any sort of official credibility to back up its claims.

This article has been translated from Gentside FR.


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