Here's What The Colours You Wear Say About Your Personality

Here's What The Colours You Wear Say About Your Personality

Does one colour in particular appear more often in your dressing room? It’s normal! And this colour reflects your behavior and your personality.

Max Lüsher conducted a study on the relationship between the colours that appear more often in your wardrobe and your behavior. The psychology of colours as it were. For this Swiss psychologist, each colour has a particular meaning.

Blue means that you are calm, harmonious and don’t get stressed easily. In terms of those who wear a lot of light blue, they are more outgoing and confident. If you wear a lot of red, this means you are determined, even aggressive. You aren’t scared of obstacles and you’re passionate and willful.

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So what about grey? Grey is chosen by those that don’t want to attract a lot of attention to themselves. It’s the most neutral colour. Black is the colour of luxury, and so reflects maturity. And to finish with, people wearing white are optimistic and free!

Anna Wilkins
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