Are You A Serial Empathiser? 5 Tell-Tale Signs

Are you permanently surrounded by others’ emotions? Do you feel other people’s desires and thoughts? Then you’re probably a serial empathiser. How do you recognise this intense empathy? We reveal 5 tell-tale signs in the video.

As an emotional sponge, you know in just one look what your loved ones are thinking, and you immediately put yourself in their place. You capture other people’s emotions, and you no longer know how to distinguish yours from theirs. If you feel like you can see yourself in these examples, you’re doubtless a serial empathiser. Absorbing all these emotions can be particularly exhausting, and nobody really realises the weight on your shoulders. It’s particularly important to identify which type of empathiser fits you to best protect yourself from it.

Whether you capture other people’s emotions, their physical pain, whether you have a sharp intuition, or you can guess the emotions of those around you, empathy can become a real burden on a daily basis. You now only think about others, and you forget about yourself. If you think you’re a serial empathiser, it’s important to speak to those around you in order to free yourself, and at the end of the day to think about yourself and take back control of your life. If you still have doubts, discover 5 tell-tale characteristics which are particular to empathisers, and take the test. More details in the video.

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