Vladimir Putin's fall could result in nuclear war, putting NATO in danger

Is the political end of Putin imminent? Some military experts suspect so. But what happens if Putin is ousted, for example, by a mutiny in the Russian army? A former diplomat provides the answer.

Vladimir Putin's fall could put NATO in danger: Here's how a nuclear war could happen
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Vladimir Putin's fall could put NATO in danger: Here's how a nuclear war could happen

More and more military experts see a wavering in the leadership of Vladimir Putin, whose mask as a strong man is gradually crumbling. For some, the German tank delivery means the possible end of Putin, others warn of a change of government.

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Mutiny in the Russian army?

According to British ex-diplomat Tim Willasey-Wilsey, there are already signs of a mutiny in the Russian army. This would be good news for the West and Ukraine.

However, this could also mean an increased risk of nuclear war. According to the expert, six steps could follow until a nuclear war occurs.

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Six steps to nuclear war:

  1. First, Russia's forces collapse or mutiny. The country has reportedly seen heavy losses, with 100,000 troops killed or wounded since the invasion began. This could spark a revolt among Putin's army.
  2. An ultimatum would be issued on the part of Moscow that Ukraine would not advance into territory that Russia had already seized before Feb. 24, 2022, when the war began. Individual NATO countries could react differently to this. While Germany and France would likely advise abiding by the ultimatum, the U.S. and the U.K. could choose a more radical path and encourage Kyiv to venture into Crimean territory.
  3. President Zelenskyy could then call a bluff, according to Willasey-Wilsey, and give his military a short deadline of about 72 or 96 hours, pending an incursion into Russian-occupied territory. All under the pretext of protecting the Ukrainian population in the Donbas and Crimea from war crimes by the Russian army.
  4. After that, Ukraine would capture Russian soldiers. Possibly without responding to the West's requests to release them.
  5. All this would put Putin under pressure in Russia. It could mean the end of his political career. His successor, either Alexander Bortnikov (director of the domestic intelligence agency FSB) or Nikolai Patrushev (former FSB director), might then take a more extreme course than Putin himself.
  6. Finally, there would be Russia's use of nuclear weapons as a deterrent to the Ukrainian advance. They could be detonated over Ukraine, the Black Sea, or even against a NATO state.

How the West could prevent this, according to the former diplomat, we tell you in the video.

This article has been translated from Gentside DE.

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Vladimir Putin's right-hand man says Russia can 'press the button' and use nuclear to win war Vladimir Putin's right-hand man says Russia can 'press the button' and use nuclear to win war