Vladimir Putin: Rumours he has retreated to a bunker due to flu outbreak in Kremlin, here's what we know

New reports suggest Vladimir Putin has retreated to one of his bunkers to escape an outbreak of the common flu inside the Kremlin or possible new strikes from Ukraine inside of Russia.

The word is Vladimir Putin has retreated to a bunker due to the common flu
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The word is Vladimir Putin has retreated to a bunker due to the common flu

Vladimir Putin has cancelled the annual press event where he would have appeared in front of 500 journalists. This is the first time he does so in ten years, yet it remains unclear why.

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His spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, speaking to reporters did not disclose why but just confirmed the cancellation on the side of Putin.

Flu outbreak in Kremlin

More recently, reports suggest that Vladimir Putin may have retreated to one of his bunkers in the Ural mountains to escape from a flu outbreak inside the Kremlin.

The speculation comes after Dmity Peskovalso revealed that a number of members of the Kremlin were 'down with the flu'. Novaya Gazeta Europe wrote:

The spokesman Dmitry Peskovalso told journalists that many people in the Kremlin were down with flu

Telegram channel 'General SVR' claims he will be celebrating the New Year in the same bunker with his loved ones, which may include his rumoured girlfriend, Alina Kabaeva, as speculated by Metro.

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Recent strikes from Ukraine

There is also speculation that he could be retreating to his bunker to protect himself against possible new strikes from Ukraine.

According to the media, the Telegram channel ‘General SVR’ has also said that the recent strikes of Ukraine on two military airfield bases deep inside Russian territory have caused great worries for Putin.

‘The recent strike on military airfields deep in Russia has caused Putin serious concern.’

So far no official spokesperson of Kremlin or Vladimir Putin has confirmed the rumours, but if the report about Putinretreating to the bunker is true, there is no question that he is going to be safe there as the location is to the east of the Ural Mountains.

Putin is going to be isolated from the reported flu outbreak, and also be more than 1300 kilometres away from Moscow, which would be unreachable from any Ukrainian strike.

The word is Vladimir Putin has retreated to a bunker due to the common flu Contributor / Contributeur

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Putin's bunkers

Vladimir Putin seems to have made a habit of escaping to a bunker every time a virus is making its round inside the Kremlin.

Daily Mail reported in February that the Russian Presidentspent most of the time during the coronavirus pandemic inside a bunker in isolation and accepted visits of his inner circle with great paranoia.

Another piece of evidence which could suggest that Vladimir Putin is scared of viruses affecting his reported weak health is the way he meets with other heads of state.

Meetings usually take place inside great halls and on a massive tablewhich sets the leaders apartrather than bring them together, DailyStar reports.

According to the same report, besides the annual press event, it is expected that Vladimir Putin will also cancel his annual address to the Russian Parliament and go into full-scale quarantine mode.

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