These Are the Two Most Frequent Coronavirus Symptoms

According to a study published in the Journal of Internal Medicine, there are two very common symptoms in patients with Covid-19 that you should watch out for. Read on to find out what they are.

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With all the information that we are being bombarded with on a daily basis, it is not always easy to know which symptoms are dangerous, and most importantly, which indicate that a patient has Covid-19.

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The most frequent symptoms in Europe

According to a study published in the Journal of Internal Medicine, headaches and a loss of the sense of smell are the most common symptoms of COVID-19 in European patients with a mild to moderate version of the illness.

Other symptoms include stuffy nose (67.8%), cough (63.2%), fatigue (63.3%), followed by muscle pain (62.5%), runny nose (60.1%), and loss of taste (54.2%). Surprisingly, fever was reported by only 45.4% of patients.

The researchers conducted this study on more than 1,400 COVID-19 patients who had been screened with a coronavirus test. It was carried out in five European countries: France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland.

Moreover, as reported on the website, the report revealed that a loss of smell is 'a specific symptom' of COVID-19 and not only the consequence of nasal obstruction.

What should you do if you experience these symptoms?

If you start to experience headaches and a loss of smell, don't panic. The best thing to do is to stay home and get in touch with a doctor. You should then book an appointment with your doctor, or have a consultation over the phone.

Furthermore, if the symptoms worsen or persist, be vigilant and do not hesitate to call the A&E if necessary. If you are tested positive for COVID-19, stay at home as much as possible, and wear a mask if you must go out.

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