COVID: This ‘lesser known’ symptom is more common than you think

This coronavirus symptom is one of the 'most common neurological manifestation' of COVID but it's seldom talked about.

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The Omicron virus has been wreaking havoc in countries since the end of 2021. Now it’s sub-variant BA.2, also known as the ‘stealth’ Omicron variant, has also been increasing in numbers.

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Although there is very little known about the circulating sub variant, it is said to be more infectious than the original Omicron strain. However, researchers have yet to find out whether or not it causes a more severe infection.

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In the meantime, health authorities have been alerting people to stay vigilant, especially when it comes to spotting the signs of infection.


Dizziness Freddy Kearney/UNSPLASH

One such side effect which is being experienced but is seldom known is dizziness. The NHS states that:

These may come and go throughout the day. If they are constant or very intense, you should inform your healthcare professional as they may want to do some further investigations.

Vertigo is one of the lesser talked about symptoms that have been presenting itself upon coronavirus infection since the beginning of the pandemic. A study published in the US National Library of Medicine states that it is actually one of the most common ‘neurological manifestations of the virus.’ The authors said, as quoted by NBC Chicago:

We would like to emphasize that dizziness should not be taken lightly as it has been proven to be a notable clinical manifestation among COVID-19 patients.
It it is imperative that attending physicians remain vigilant, especially when managing nonspecific symptoms such as dizziness, as it can be easily overlooked.

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Omicron symptoms

Different variants have been inducing different reactions in the body. With earlier variants, patients were exhibiting symptoms like fever, loss of taste and smell, and a cough. However, now with the Omicron variant the most common symptoms include a runny nose, sneezing, scratchy throat, muscle pain, and fatigue.

According to The Mirror, vertigo is also a symptom that is continuously being reported by those infected with the Omicron variant and its sub-variant.

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