COVID: X-rays reveal 'shocking difference' in lungs of vaccinated and unvaccinated patients

An American doctor has released x-rays from vaccinated and unvaccinated COVID-infected patients and the difference is shocking.

COVID x rays
COVID x rays

There’s a good reason why health authorities, scientists, and government officials have been relentlessly telling their constituents to get vaccinated against the coronavirus. Although it is possible to get the virus even after getting inoculated, the vaccines have been keeping individuals safe from severe illness, hospitalisation, and death.

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Shocking x-rays

Recently, a radiologist from Maryland went on TV channel WCVB to show the public just how effective the vaccines are at protecting your lungs from COVID and the images are beyond shocking. Dr. Omer Awan, who is also the associate vice chair of education in the Department of Diagnostic Radiology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine said, as quoted by The Sun:

There is a dramatic difference in chest X-rays we see in patients that have been fully vaccinated who test positive for Covid-19 and those who are not vaccinated.

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Difference in black space

Dr. Awan revealed two x-ray results, one from a vaccinated patient infected with COVID and another from an unvaccinated patient. He explained that there is much more visible black space in the result of the vaccinated patient which is ‘a good thing because the black demonstrates air.’ However, that black space is drastically reduced in the results of the patient who had not received any doses yet. He added:

The burden of disease or the burden of infection is much more pronounced in an unvaccinated individual versus a vaccinated individual.

He is hoping that by publicising these images, he can convince more people to take up their vaccines. He continued:

If you see images, you can see clearly the proof in vaccination and how effective the vaccines are by looking at a chest X-ray. Oftentimes, that's more helpful from a visual standpoint than just hearing people spit out statistics
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