Lidl customers are ignoring health codes and store rules and could end up infecting you with the coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic had caused drastic measures to be put into place to prevent people from getting infected. Shopping has become one of the few activities that are still allowed and Lidl, just like every other supermarket, has put hygiene measures into place so as to prevent you from being infected when you visit their stores. But what happens when shoppers ignore these measures?

Lidl customers are ignoring health codes and store rules and could end up infecting you with the coronavirus
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Lidl customers are ignoring health codes and store rules and could end up infecting you with the coronavirus

With the whole world on alert as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, many countries have since put drastic containment measures into place in light of the high number of infected people.

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In countries such as Spain, Italy and France, these measures include citizens being quarantined and having to stay at home until further notice so as to avoid the virus spreading. Soon, places like the UK, the USA, and Canada could follow suit if the disease continues to evolve at its current pace.

You could count the things people can still do outside the house on one hand and these are limited to buying the essentials or visiting public institutions only when absolutely necessary.

Leaving the house to go shopping at their favourite supermarkets has become one of the few distractions people have from the quarantine and chains have already set up hygiene and security measures so as to prevent others from becoming infected.

Lidl has proven to be one of the most determined to impose these safety guidelines and has even set up a capacity limit in their stores as well as recommending you keep a safe distance from other clients. However, we’ve recently heard that some customers are being rather irresponsible and just ignoring all these measures.

According to the media source Mercaz, one customer revealed on social media that there are people who aren’t following these rules and are panic buying everything in the store without respecting the rules or anyone else’s needs.

My cousin works in Lidl. I see her tired face on my phone screen. Besides being tired, she is angry. People think this is a game, she tells me with wet eyes. They are buying everything in mass bulk.’ They aren’t respecting the measures or rules that have been put in place.

Furthermore, some people have actually been spotted filling up their cars with a single product, proving just how little they are cooperating. This has been happening quite often in some supermarkets in Spain, such as Mercadona for example, but has actually been prohibited so that there is enough of everything available for everyone.

But the irresponsibility of some people doesn’t stop there since lots of people have even ended up in arguments with Lidl security guards who have been brought in to make sure people respect these new rules.

The media has also revealed that in a store in the north of Spain, a customer and supermarket employee got into a heated debate after the employee was denied entry to the store because they were at full capacity.

In light of this pandemic, we beg you to all be socially and civically responsible so that we can get out of this situation as soon as possible. Avoid infecting others by respecting the rules put in place by your government.

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