COVID: Will face masks and limited indoor mixing return because of a rise in infections?

As the number of infections and COVID hospitalisation rises in the UK, NHS urges the government to bring back a few restrictions.

Covid-19: New covid curbs that could possibly come into place
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Covid-19: New covid curbs that could possibly come into place

To combat high infection rates in the UK and relieve the burden on the NHS, health officials are urging Britons to implement a series of new COVID-19 measures. The relaxation of restrictions and the ‘living with COVID’ plan has coincided with infection rates reaching their greatest point in the pandemic, i.e., with one in every 13 persons infected at the beginning of the month.

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Too eased up!

As the number of COVID-19 cases goes on a rise and NHS staff sickness increases again, it is affecting the NHS significantly in dealing with a backlog of patients needing care. Meanwhile, Health Secretary Sajid Javid has confessed this was an anticipated reaction to easing the restrictions and the government is turning a blind eye to it as Omicron causes only mild symptoms. However, the NHS Confederation thinks it’s time again to impose new COVID curbs—such as limiting indoor mixing and the use of masks in crowded places—to stop the infection from spreading.

Matthew Taylor, chief executive of the confederation, told The Times:

The brutal reality for staff and patients is that this Easter is as bad as any winter.

No 10 has seemingly abandoned any interest in COVID whatsoever...It is now unclear that anyone in the centre of government feels the unfolding NHS crisis is their responsibility. NHS leaders and their teams feel abandoned and they deserve better.

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Is another wave on the way?

While the NHS urges help and re-introduction of Covid-19 restrictions, the government seems to be waiting for a big blow-up before imposing rules. Sajid Javid told BBC Breakfast last week:

Our level of concern hasn’t changed and that’s because although case numbers are rising, infections are rising and indeed hospital numbers are rising, they are still way below their peak.

On the other hand, millions of patients have been advised to avoid A&E facilities unless they are actually dying, and ambulance services have pushed some patients to drive themselves to the hospital. This comes after Boris Johnson refused to say no to another lockdown if a deadly variant emerged. Amidst this, the only hope to survive and fight another wave is Vaccination. According to The Sun, a new study has shown that symptoms in people who are triple jabbed are as minor and short-lived as that of a common cold.

Health Officer says to get your ‘masks ready' amid rising Covid cases in this country Health Officer says to get your ‘masks ready' amid rising Covid cases in this country