Boots releases brand-new tool for menopausal customers

On World Menopause Awareness Day, Boots has released a new tool to help older menstruators to navigate menopause with ease, accessibility, and comfort.

Boots for menopause
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Boots for menopause

Menopause is a process in which menstruators stop getting their periods and cannot become pregnant. It’s a natural part of ageing, but it isn’t always the most comfortable transition in a person’s life. The cessation of menstruation comes in three different stages and is often accompanied by an unending list of symptoms including hot flashes, weight gain, depression, anxiety, headaches, and heart palpitation.

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Menopause normally starts between the ages of 45 and 55, but it is a completely unique experience for every single menstruator.

Menopause support

In honour of World Menopause Awareness Day, UK’s largest pharmacy-led health and beauty retailer, Boots, has vowed to normalise the conversation around menopause by launching a brand-new menopause support tool.

With this tool, older menstruators will be able to get essential symptom-relieving products without having to book an appointment with their doctor. They can also get access to prescription-based treatments, including hormone replacement treatment, by completing a quick 5-minute consultation form. Boots specialists will then review the request and do a comprehensive assessment to see if they are eligible to receive the medication.

They also offer a whole range of over the counter medication and natural products for the many symptoms that come with menopause. In fact, Boots has even categorised all their items based on potential side effects, from constipation and bloating, to skincare, hair loss, bladder weakness, and joint care.

Specialised staff

According to The Sun, all Boots staff will also be getting specialised menopause training so that they’re properly equipped to help their customers. Bernadette Lavery, director of Pharmacy, Boots UK, said:

People who are struggling with the symptoms of menopause do not need to manage them alone.
There are often a lot of questions surrounding menopause and our pharmacists are on-hand to offer support for patients to help them manage it appropriately.
The menopause is a natural process, but it is different for everyone. Boots pharmacists are always here to listen and can provide tailored advice and support to help customers deal with their symptoms.
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