Lidl introduces new regulations after getting hit with severe inflation

Lidl, hit with rising inflation, announced some new changes in their buying policy that might leave their shoppers unhappy.

LIDL introduces new regulations after facing severe inflation
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LIDL introduces new regulations after facing severe inflation

Lidl, the supermarket chain spread across US and Europe, is a one-stop-shop for many people. The supermarket is known for its quality products at a reasonable price. However, the store recently announced that they will be making a few changes for the buyers in France, due to the serious issue of rising inflation.

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Approaching inflation

Although Lidl always tries to guarantee its products at the cheapest price, the brand is now at a standstill because of the rising inflation. One of the main factors causing this is the war in Ukraine as well as the bird flu.

The bird flu might cause shortage of ducks during the Christmas  Beth Macdonald

Michel Biero, the marketing director of Lidl France, explains that the situation is tense at the moment. The bird flu is rapidly spreading to 5 to 10 farms a day in France, he fears that this might cause a shortage of ducks during the Christmas season of 2022. Moreover, meats like beef and pork are also in short supply so their prices would rise by 40 cents per kilo from next week.

Lidl makes changes

Michel Biero divulged the reasons for the rationing of supplies. He explained that the shortage of sunflower oil is due to the Ukraine-Russia conflict. Ukraine is the largest importer of sunflower oil, and the war has damaged the import and export process. So the store only gets a limited supply. The Lidl employees have been instructed to ration the oil bottle per person.

Shortage of essentials often leads to panic in people, this causes them to overstock and hoard items that are required by many. The director does not want to exceed a certain number of litres purchased per person.

This article is translated from Oh! My Mag FR.

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