Former Donald Trump collaborator Stephanie Grisham speaks out: 'A man in mental decline'

Donald Trump's health has become the focus of public debate. Now an old companion and a psychologist are also talking about his mental state and have nothing good to say.

Donald Trump Stephanie Grisham
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Donald Trump Stephanie Grisham

Donald Trump likes to make fun of Joe Biden on his Instagram account. However, he now also has to put up with criticism of his intellectual abilities.

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Constant problems when talking

Time and again, voices have been raised recently doubting whether Donald Trump's condition will allow him to run for the US presidency again: Sometimes he confuses rival Nikki Haley with Nancy Pelosi (who was Speaker of the United States House of Representatives until last year), then he confuses Russian President Vladimir Putin with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Just under a week ago, TheIndependent also reported that Trump appeared to slur his words during a speech and that he was constantly inventing new words (although the Business Insider already reported this in 2017). In the meantime, this has led to accusations from the opposing camp as well as criticism from within his own ranks.

'Something has changed'

As reported by the Berliner Morgenpost, Trump's former spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham commented on the entrepreneur's mental state as follows:

I do think something has changed. He seems like a man in mental decline, honestly. The only thing I notice as usual is the way he tries to cover it up when he does speak publicly. He has a very specific way that he does that.
The man is running for President, he's got how many indictments, he's got how many trials, he's got how many things happening to him. How much money he's having to pay. He may lose his business license in New York. I can't imagine that you wouldn't be in decline.
It's funny to me that's he saying these constant things about Biden.

Psychology professor Aaron Pincus also views Trump's behavior with great concern:

Trump is an aging, malignant narcissist. As he ages, he seems to lose control of his impulses and deteriorates mentally. We thus see an unfiltered version of his pathology.

Donald Trump wants proof of his mental fitness

In response to the criticism, Trump suddenly brought up a test in the middle of the year that he is said to have taken in order to assess his cognitive abilities. He allegedly passed the particularly difficult test with flying colors.

According to a report by Forbes, however, the result is said to be less impressive than the politician would like others to believe. Allegedly, the test is simple and does not contain any difficult questions or tasks.

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