Aldi issues urgent recall over Village Bakery Tortilla Wraps that may contain metal

The huge supermarket chain has issued a warning to its customers over the contamination.

Aldi wrap recall
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Aldi wrap recall

Everyone loves a bargain, and in the UK there are a few leading supermarkets that really top the list of affordable food shopping. However, one of them has issued a concerning recall that you should know about.

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Aldi, the popular discount supermarket chain, has released a major recall notice regarding a popular item from their shelves. If you were thinking of making fajitas for dinner and have their eight-pack of Village Bakery Tortilla Wraps in your cupboard, then think again. Why? Well, there are concerns over potential metal contamination in the product, posing serious health risks to consumers. Here everything you need to know.

The affected products

The recall pertains specifically to Aldi's 8x62g packs of Village Bakery Tortilla Wraps with all best-before dates up to and including April 29, 2024. If you are unsure whether the wraps you have fall under these, you can check for the affected batches by looking out for the following batch codes: 68150, 835475, and 383422.

Health risks

According to Aldi, the tortilla wraps may have been contaminated with pieces of metal, a hazard that's easily visible to customers - but could be missed if you aren't paying full attention. Ingesting metal fragments can cause serious injuries to the mouth, throat, and digestive tract, posing a significant health risk. As a precautionary measure, Aldi advises customers who have purchased the product to refrain from consuming it immediately.

What to do if you bought it

If you have purchased the affected tortilla wraps, Aldi urges you not to consume them. Instead, return the product to your local store for a full refund. Aldi has taken proactive measures by removing all affected batches from its stores and displaying signs to alert shoppers of the potential danger. The supermarket emphasizes the importance of prioritizing customer safety and assures that rigorous safety and quality checks are in place for all its products.

If you are worried or want more information, you can reach Aldi at 0800 042 0800 in the UK, and in Ireland, at 1800 991 828.

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