Lidl issues urgent recall over fears of customers consuming out-of-date meat

Customers are being warned to check the packaging of turkey breast bought from the chain.

Lidl urgent recall meat product
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Lidl urgent recall meat product

Discount supermarket chain Lidl has recently issued a crucial warning and initiated a product recall due to a major labeling error affecting one of its food items. Concerns regarding potential health risks have emerged from this incident as people may consume out-of-date meat. This, just like consuming medication past its use-by date, can be dangerous.

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Lidl Northern Ireland has taken immediate action to ensure the safety of its customers, urging those who have purchased the product to refrain from consuming it and providing guidelines for returning it. Here's the affected product, the possible health risks, and what you should do if you purchased it.

Product affected and health risks

Lidl's Deluxe Irish Carved Peppered Turkey Breast weighing 130g has been recalled from their Northern Irish stores. The packaging of this product displayed a use-by date of ‘Jun 25’, while it should have indicated ‘Jan 25’. Though this is quite the major error, given that many may read this as ‘June’, Lidl Northern Ireland has confirmed that no other use-by dates or Deluxe products have been affected by this labeling error.

The labeling error on the product packaging raises potential health risks for consumers as the muddled-up dates could result in the consumption of spoiled or potentially harmful food, leading to foodborne illnesses and stomach upsets.

Here's what to do if you bought the product

If you have purchased Lidl's Deluxe Irish Carved Peppered Turkey Breast with a use-by date of Jun 25, it is crucial not to consume it. Lidl advises customers who bought the affected product to return it to the store where it was originally purchased, irrespective of having a receipt. Customers will receive a full refund for the recalled item.

To obtain more information regarding the product recall, customers can reach out to Lidl's Customer Care team via email at or by phone at 0203 966 5566.

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