This is how you can get rid of a foul smelling belly button

The belly button is one of the dirtiest places of the body and that’s why cleaning it every day is essential to prevent infections and bad odour.

The navel is a part of the body that is often forgotten about when it comes to hygiene. However, despite the fact that it’s so small and inconspicuous, it can rack up a nasty smell if you’re not cleaning it properly. Luckily there are a few natural ingredients that can help you keep the foul odours and infections away.

Tea tree oil

According to Spanish website Mejor con Salud, tea tree oil has antifungal properties that will eliminate fungal infections from developing in that sensitive area. Tea tree oil is very strong and can be highly irritating, so apply just one drop to a cotton pad and wipe it over the navel to clean it. Be gentle and don’t tug on the skin as it can be very delicate.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is known to be a great moisturiser, but it also has bacteria-reducing properties which is why it is great for your little crevice. After your bath, dry your body thoroughly and then apply a small amount of the oil to your navel to keep it odour and infection-free. You can even apply it after you’ve cleansed the navel with tea tree oil.

Rosemary oil

Now this is a killer natural solution that will make your navel squeaky clean and it’s an especially good remedy for those of you that have a chronic smelly belly button because of bacterial infections or omphalitis—an infection of the umbilical stump.

The best thing about rosemary oil is that it doesn’t irritate the skin and leaves an incredibly pleasant smell behind. To get the benefits of this product, first cleanse your navel with soap and water and then dry it completely. Then apply a drop of oil with a cotton pad or soft cloth in and around your navel.

Remember, when it comes to essential oils like rosemary and tea tree, the smallest drop will go a long way!

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