According To This Royal Expert, The Feud Between Harry And William Is Nothing To Do With Meghan Markle

  • Harry and William are rumoured to be feuding... but not for the reason you think.
  • Prince William and Prince Harry never used to leave each other’s side…
  • …Practically never…
  • Today, the two brothers don’t get on very well anymore.
  • But why have they fallen out?

A British Royal Family expert has recently looked at the reasons why Prince Harry and Prince William fell out. And it doesn’t go back to Meghan Markle.

This isn’t a secret to anyone: the relationship between Prince William and his brother Prince Harry isn’t looking great at the moment. The latest proof to date? The very cold birthday message to Prince William from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and the split from their shared charitable foundation. 

But why did the two previously inseparable brothers fall out in the first place? The tense relationship between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle is the first explanation. But that’s not all, as Angela Levin, author of the book ‘Harry: Conversations with the Prince’, explains. According to her, their falling outs go back further than that and are a result of the competitiveness between them.

‘It’s very difficult’

‘It’s very difficult to constantly be in second place, especially when you’re quite competitive. […] Your brother is going to be King; you can’t do anything about it, you can’t fight it. And Harry doesn’t have an official role to play. Now he’s older and more mature, he’s found a role that he likes and brings him pleasure and confidence,’ she explains.

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After stating that Prince Harry took it pretty hard that Prince William didn’t accept his relationship with Meghan Markle, Angela Levin added: ‘It’s sad because William and Harry were very close […]. They lost their mother when they were very young and it’s difficult for outsiders to understand that, especially since they find it very difficult to trust others.’ Will the brothers grow closer in the upcoming months? To be continued...

Take a look at our gallery for the full story on the Princes' evolving relationship... 

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