Canada Bans Testing Cosmetics On Animals

The good news came on 14th July that Canada had voted in an historic new law. In this North American country, testing cosmetic products on animals is now forbidden - a huge victory for animal rights advocates.

This project definitely took its time but it has finally paid off!

A long-term project

Over the course of 2015, Senator Carolyn Stewart Olsen proposed a new Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act which has taken three years to finally come into effect!

Thanks to the commitment of this political figure but also to the support of the Animal Alliance of Canada (who launched a petition that got 110,000 signatures), Canada has finally put a stop to animal experimentation for cosmetic products as well as their ingredients.

The sale of cosmetics or ingredients having been newly tested on animals in other countries is also now forbidden on Canadian territory.

And another thing!

Canada is now added to the list of 34 countries that have banned animal testing in the cosmetic industry.

Among these countries are India, Israel, and the countries of the European Union. And since good news is never alone, many other countries in the world are currently working to enact similar acts such as the United States, Brazil, Taiwan, Australia and even Argentina.

All of these countries have elected officials who are aware of the animal cause due to the Internet campaign #BeCrueltyFree.

According to the cosmetics brand Lush who is fighting for beauty without cruelty:

‘#BeCrueltyFree is the most important campaign in the history of the fight against animal testing. Led by HSI in partnership with other organizations that protect animals in more than a dozen countries, their aim is simple: to create a world where no animal will have to suffer for the sake of human vanity.’

Well done, Canada!

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