Shock Recoupling On The Cards As Backstage Photo Revealed?
Shock Recoupling On The Cards As Backstage Photo Revealed?
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Shock Recoupling On The Cards As Backstage Photo Revealed?

With tonight’s recoupling looming and one girl set to be sent packing, the heat is on for the Islanders to make sure that they’re in a couple. But although some of them seem to be in pretty secure couples, a backstage photo has cast doubts as two coupled-up Islanders have been seen getting cosy with each other…

We’re less than one week into Winter Love Island 2020 and we’re already one Islander down – as 23-year-old Ollie Williams made a shock exit earlier this week, claiming he’s still in love with his ex. Meanwhile, we’re set to lose one of the girls on Friday night’s episode as whoever’s left single after the recoupling will be sent packing.

Currently, the girls who aren’t coupled-up are Paige (who was left single when Ollie walked), Leanne (after Jess stole Mike) and Shaughna (after Callum was stolen by Eve). However, all that could easily change as Mike has already pied Jess for Leanne and Callum is now agonising between Shaughna and Eve.

Meanwhile, new boy Finley has shown an interest in single girl Paige and Siânnise – who is currently coupled up with Nas but definitely isn’t feeling the spark with him. Connagh, who entered the villa at the same time, has been on a date with both Shaughna and Sophie. Sophie is currently coupled up with Connor – and he’s definitely not happy about her potentially being stolen by Connagh.

However, it looks like Sophie may not end up with either of the Connor/aghs as a leaked backstage photo has shown her getting cosy with a totally unexpected Islander – policeman Mike Boateng! The behind-the-scenes photo shows the pair looking very happy together, which will come as a surprise to viewers who’ve seen Mike getting very close to Leanne onscreen.

Could Mike throw a total curveball and pick Sophie over Leanne in the recoupling? It would certainly be dramatic but it would seem unlikely given that Mike opted to spend the night in the doghouse with Leanne over twin Jess Gale who’d stolen him. Still, this is Love Island and anything can happen…

By Eric Allen
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