Friend Reveals What Curtis Really Thinks About Amy

After much speculation regarding whether Amy and Curtis have developed real feelings in the villa or are perhaps just playing a game, Curtis’ friends have come forward to give their two cents on the matter.

On tonight’s episode of Love Island, the UK’s most-watched reality TV show, contestants will be confronted by a series of tweets set to expose what viewers at home really think about the group of on-screen couples.

The task generally causes a stir as this is the first time islanders receive contact with the outside world and are confronted with often negative opinions and assumptions about the way they come across in the villa.

Viewers remain divided on whether to buy into Curtis Pritchard and Amy Hart’s “half-relationship”. In the recent kissing challenge some viewers speculated that Curtis attempted to get Amy chucked for the villa by claiming “there was a real connection” with Arabella.

Curtis’ cousin, James Walker, believes Amy Hart is nothing like his ex-girlfriend revealing, “She’s a lot older than his last girlfriend and that’s a change.” He went on to say that this could actually make the pair better matched, “because of his attitude and characteristics he’s not a young 23”.

In tonight’s episode it appears that Amy and Curtis will face criticism for their apparent lack of chemistry in the villa, while Anna receives accusations that she could be faking her feelings for new-arrival Jordan.

Check out the video to find out what James had to say!

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