Astrology: This is what your zodiac sign says about the way you sleep

Every one has their own particularities when it comes to the way they go about sleeping. This is what your zodiac sign says about your bedtime habits.

Ever wondered what a Taurus is like when falling asleep? Or perhaps you're interested in knowing a Virgo's bedtime routine? Keep on reading to find out what your zodiac sign says about your sleeping habits.

Capricorn, December 21-January 20

Known for being hard workers and stopping at nothing to achieve their goals, Capricorns need proper rest to be able to be at the top of their game. They aren't the type to pull all-nighters or function at max capacity with minimal sleep. A good seven to eight hours of slumber is what's needed for them!

Aquarius, January 21-February 18

Aquarians are self-reliant and as such don't need much of a bedtime routine to get them in the mood for some shut-eye. They can fall asleep pretty much anywhere and at any time.

Pisces, February 19-March 20

Sensitive Pisces needs to feel safe and comfortable when they are about to go to sleep. Growing up, people who were born between these dates slept with a safety blanket or stuffed animal.

Aries, March 21-April 19

Fiery Aries is all about high-energy, adventure and spontaneity! This sign loves to live at night and as a result might have trouble with sleep frequently during their lifetime. The best trick for them would be to come up with a nighttime routine to help them fall asleep.

Taurus, April 20-May 20

Taurus people love to sleep! Some would say sleeping is what they are best at. Unfortunately for those dating a Taurus, you should know that they have a hard time sharing this hobby of theirs with other people. They tend to have their best sleep when they don't have to share their bed.

Gemini, May 21-June 20

Extraverted and inquisitive Gemini is probably the best sign to have a sleep-over with. They are the type to put on funky pyjamas, a cool nighttime playlist and maybe even whip up a late-night snack before hitting the sack.

Cancer, June 21-July 22

Cancers, ruled by the moon, takes their sleepy time very seriously. They are also one of the best cuddlers as this sign tends to like to share intimate moments with people they care for.

Leo, July 23-August 22

Sometimes described as loud-mouthed and egocentric, sleeping next to a Leo might pose a problem for some people. They tend to not be the best sleeping partners, as they'll put their needs above anyone else's... That means they'll hog the bedsheets and take up a lot of space.

Virgo, August 23-September 22

The Virgo person has the ultimate bedtime routine. Known for their affinity for tidiness, precision, and perfection, these people need their sleeping space to be clean, clutter-free and pristine.

Libra, September 23-October 22

Libras have a hard time deciding whether they want to sleep early and get enough rest, or party the night away and be sleep-deprived the following day. This sign needs structure and discipline, otherwise they can derail quite easily.

Scorpio, October 23-November 21

Dating a Scorpio means that sex is in your cards, every night, every day and especially right before going to sleep. This sign doesn't care too much about shut-eye unless that means they get to share their bed with someone else.

Sagittarius, November 22-December 21

Intellectual Sagittarius will be one to read a good book before sleeping. As they are constantly in search for knowledge, to relax their brain and get themselves in the mood for sleep, they need a calming ambiance.

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