This Lush laundry hack from TikTok will make your laundry smell like candyfloss!

Lush’s Snow Fairy is a Christmas favourite and now thanks to this TikTok trick, you can use it in your laundry!

Snow Dairy is one of Lush’s most popular and coveted scents and it’ll leave you wishing your whole house smelled like candyfloss. In fact, one Lush loverhas shared ahack on TikTok that will leave your laundry smelling like a dream!

So, before you use up all your Lush goodies in the shower, try putting some in the washing machine. TikTok user @kayleightaylor93 shared a video trying out the sweet-smelling trick stating:

So I saw someone add Snow Fairy to their washing machine the other day and it made their clothes smell amazing so I'm gonna do my dressing gown and see how we go.

The TikToker then shared with the masses just how to execute your laundry for the perfect Snow Fairy scent:

So I've got one cup of the snow fairy and I'm just gonna put it down here in the drum with the dressing gown. Then I'm going to add my soap powder as normal. I'm adding a wee touch of softener.

And voila! The woman concluded:

It smells amazing. I'm fairly chuffed with that hack.

In the video the creator can be seen throwing one capful of Snow Fairy body wash into the laundry machine. But, rest assured if Snowfairy isn’t your favourite scent then any other lush body wash would do the trick!


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The hack has now gove viral, leaving Lush fans everywhere completely astounded. One person wrote:

I've just seen someone on TikTok put a capful of Lush body wash into their WASHING MACHINE to make their clothes smell like Snow Fairy I'm gobsmacked!

Another person chimed in saying:

I was today years old when I found out you can put the Lush snow fairy body wash in your washing machine with clothes to make them smell like the Snow Fairy scent. This is amazing.

Why didn’t we think of this first?!

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