Sad News for Lush Lovers: 150 of Our Favourite Products Are Being Discontinued

Lush has made a big announcement that may disappoint a few of you... Keep reading on to see if one of your favourites has been cut.

It's hard to imagine taking a bath without one of our favourite bath bombs from Lush. Sadly, it seems like that may become a reality. The cosmetic brand has recently announced it will discontinue 150 of their products, including but not limited to some of our favourite bath bombs. The (way too long) list of items set to be cut from their stock will also include shower gel, body and hair treatments, and makeup.

Lush revealed that it suffered quite a serious blow due to the coronavirus pandemic: the company's revenues fell by 55% since the beginning of March. But this isn't the only reason - Lush explains the decision on their website:

When the word 'discon' ripples around there’s always a sharp intake of breath as people wonder if their favourite will have its fate sealed. We all have our hero products and stories of heartbreak when something treasured has slipped out of production.

They added:

As we look towards a future, lockdown presented an opportunity for Mark Constantine (Lush CEO) to reflect on the present and try every product again and again to get a better understanding of what we are offering. 12 weeks, 116 days and a lot of 4pm baths later a clear idea was forming, and with review from Lush analysts, there is a list. There are bound to be some disappointments but far many more opportunities as we make room to create things that are best in their class - fewer products, that give you better results.

The news came with a shimmer of hope for all of us who still want to purchase our favourite product from Lush. So, if you're dreading the change, don't worry: Lush said that it will 'take a while before these are all gone' and that the products will be slowly phased out.

But not all hope is lost... in the announcement, the also revealed another way to get your hands on some of these discons:

As always at Lush, nothing is often gone forever. The newly launched Lush Kitchen Subscription Boxis not only a monthly delivery of retro favourites and some surprises, but also offers subscribers a chance to vote on the contents, so maybe your favourite will be back sooner than expected.

We'll have to wait and see...

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