Top 5 Lush Products You Need To Check Out Right Now

Lush arguably makes some of the most interesting, eccentric and fun-filled products in the beauty industry. And the best part is that they're one of the most ethical and environmentally friendly costmetic retailers we know. We have gathered top 5 of the best Lush products for you to try based both on their function, current popularity and reviews.

Top 5 Lush Products You Need To Check Out Right Now
Top 5 Lush Products You Need To Check Out Right Now

1. Angels On Bare Skin face and body cleanser

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We're starting with one for everyone. This little skincare treat has been a customer favourite for years, according to Lush themselves. the best part is it's suitable for all skin types, ages and skin requirements as it's so gentle and full of that good stuff that your skin needs. With a sensational blend of kaolin clay, ground almonds and a soothing blend of lavender, rose and chamomile oils, it's exactly what your skin needs. Simply mix the dry cleanser with water and massage those cheeky chops to your heart's content!

2. Rosy Cheeks fresh facemask

Here's one for all those pamper lovers out there - which is pretty much most of us, let's face it. No pun intended. This fresh rosy facemask is designed to calm, soothe and balance your skin to leave you with well-behaved fresh and matte skin. The key to the recipe is a combination of kaolin, calamine and Turkish rose oil and it smells as good as it sounds! Leave this mask on for around 15 minutes before massaging the skin as you rinse it. Use it 1-2 a week to turn those good skin days into more good skin days.

3. Dream Cream hand and body lotion

This one is all in the name really - it really is a dream to get that velvety soft, nurtured skin. And that is exactly what this multi-purpose lotion gives you! Perfect for those with dry or sensitive skin, the Dream Cream lotion is often used for eczema relief. What's in it? Glad you asked. A luxurious blend of oat milk, lavender, chamomile, olive oil and cocoa butter will give you the comfort that your skin needs, whilst also relaxing you and winding you down - perfect to apply after an evening spritz to end that long Monday night.

4. The Experimenter bath bomb

Here's a fun little gadget to spice up your bath time. With explosive vibrant humes it instantly gives off the moment you drop it in bubbly, warm water, it's no wonder this bath bomb made it into our top 5. Whilst Lush are renowned for the many exquisite bath bombs they offer, this one is definitely one everyone should try. Infused with the sweet scent of popping candy and fair trade vanilla and tonka bean, this technicolor treat will give your baths a makeover whilst enthralling you with its gorgeous aroma.

5. It's Raining Men shower gel

Last but never least, this shower gel is a luxurious syrup just for your skin! This honey-packed moisture juice is infused with rose hip, lotus flower, Brazillian orange oil and tiger lily, leaving your skin incredibly supple and smelling gorgeous even when you rinse it away. To add to your complete all-over-body skincare checklist, this shower gel soothes, moisturises and gently cleanses the skin and has the bonus factor of bettering your overall shower experience. You'll be looking forward to each and every shower you take with this to-die-for skincare sensation.

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