Morrisons offer free period products: Here's how you can get yours

Not everywhere gives out free period products like Scotland. It’s time for a menstrual movement, and Morrisons is making it happen.

FREE menstrual products at Morrisons: 'Package for Sandy'
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FREE menstrual products at Morrisons: 'Package for Sandy'

Scotland’s Period Products Act came into force on 15 August. The act, which grantsfree period products to those in need, is a milestone in public health history. However, the rest of the UK has yet to join the menstrual movement.

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Where public policy fails, Morrisons is stepping in to give menstruators the dignity they deserve during the cost-of-living-crisis and beyond: Just collect your ‘package for Sandy’.

‘Package for Sandy’

Much like the UK’s ‘ask for Angela’ initiative – in which people who feel unsafe during a night out can receive support by asking the bartender for Angela – Morrisons' ‘package for Sandy’ campaign provides protection to people who need it.

Don’t worry about being embarrassed. As explained on Morrisons’ website, customers in need of period products can visit the customer service desk and receive a discreet envelope with supplies inside. All you have to do is say you need a package for ‘Sandy’ – no questions asked.

‘Package for Sandy’ Bloomberg / Contributeur

Pioneer of the period initiative, Emma Parkinson, says:

Period poverty is a real problem and going to a school in a predominantly low-income area gave me an insight into what it’s like to have no access to sanitary wear.

It’s not just low-income individuals who struggle to afford period products, however. The cost-of-living crisis has caused an increase in overall hygiene poverty.

The cost of hygiene

In the midst of rising grocery costs, the first items to be taken out of the trolly tend to be hygiene products – period products included.

For those who can manage to afford period products, consider purchasing ones by Hey Girlsif you don’t already. According to their website, for every period product bought, one is donated to someone in need. Their aim? To help eliminate period poverty.

Hey Girls products are currently sold in Co-op and Waitrose.

Otherwise, remember a ‘package for Sandy’ is always available to you at Morrisons.

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