Roe vs. Wade overturn: These are the states that are affected by the supreme court’s decision

The court's decision will immediately impact tens of millions of Americans, allowing more than half of states to outlaw abortion.

The historic Roe v. Wade ruling, which gave American women the choice to end a pregnancy, has just been overruled by the Supreme court. A reversal of this size is almost unprecedented, especially in a case decided nearly 50 years ago. The judgement will affect millions of Americans and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

What is the overturn about?

In deciding that there is no constitutional right to abortion, the conservative majority overturned Roe vs Wade from 1973. The decision was taken in a case called Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organisation, according to The Guardian. Historically, overturns have mostly occurred to give more rights to people. However, in this case, the opposite has happened that has changed the national understanding of liberty, personal autonomy and self-determination.

The states affected

Approximately Twenty-six nations are expected to act on the court decision immediately, making abortion illegal in most of the south and mid-west. Forbes has confirmed the following information about nations in this part of the world:

Kentucky, Louisiana and South Dakota - abortion ban went into effect as soon as the Supreme Court issued its ruling.

Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma – the ban took place after state officials certified the ruling.

North Dakota and Utah – abortion ban will take effect once the state official certifies the ruling.

Mississippi – abortion ban will take effect 10 days after the trigger law is made constitutional by the attorney general.

Wyoming – the ban will take place 5 days after the governor certifies that Roe has been overturned.

Idaho, Tennessee and Texas – Trigger ban will take effect in 30 days.

Texas – some clinics had already stopped providing abortions even before the Roe was decided.

Tennessee – officials have requested the court to let the six-weeks abortion ban take into effect at the earliest.

Alabama – while not having a trigger ban, the court has still allowed the state’s existing abortion ban to take effect from Friday.

Arizona, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Michigan – Four other states that have abortion bans on the books and may enforce them now that it has been overturned.

Georgia, Iowa, Ohio and South Carolina – These states have six weeks abortion ban plans that are likely to take place now.

Florida, Indiana, Montana and Nebraska – stand in line to enact these bans.

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