Women are removing their IUDs on camera for a surprising reason

On TikTok, several women posted videos of themselves removing their IUDs.

All sorts of videos go viral on TikTok—from delicious pasta recipes to a miracle cream that removes wrinkles in just a few minutes. However, this time it's another kind of video that have created a buzz on the platform: those of women removing their IUDs themselves, and for a very specific reason.

They remove their IUD by themselves

Mikkie Gallagher is just one of the many women that has recently filmed herself removing her IUD and sharing the video on TikTok. Why? Because getting an appointment to remove this T-shaped contraceptive device, inserted into the uterine cavity by a doctor or gynaecologist, is becoming increasingly complicated in the United States. Doctors often refuse to remove the device before the expiry period, others don't accept health insurance, and some even charge excessive fees.

Left with little choice, women in the US have become accustomed to removing their birth control themselves. And it turns out it's not as hard as it looks. Mikkie Gallagher removes hers quickly and without apparent pain. But if for some, it has become a necessity to remove the IUD oneself, is it really without risk?


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What are the risks of removing an IUD yourself?

Against all expectations, it is not necessary to go to a doctor for this straight-forward procedure. Midwife Paul Moreau explained to Néon magazine:

The IUD is easy to remove, it can be done in two minutes. In general, with a professional, the appointment can last only about fifteen minutes.

Removing an IUD is a simple and safe procedure that does not require any particular technical skill. The National Council of French Gynaecologists and Obstetricians (CNGOF) assures that 'removal (of the IUD, editor's note) is very easy.' Moreover, although it is specified that the IUD must be inserted by a doctor—as the procedure is quite tricky and can be painful—but there is no mention is made of the place of removal, nor of the person who should do it.

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