This study revealed something surprising about the way men and women feel pain

Men are more sensitive to pain than women—it’s been scientifically proven. A new Canadian study adds itself to numerous others that have come to the same conclusion: men remember pain more, and have a higher sensitivity to it.

Ladies, keep this study in mind for when men try to argue with you about which is the 'stronger sex.’

A recent study by Canadian researchers from the University of Toronto, Mississauga, shows that women are less sensitive to pain than men. These results are corroborated by numerous others on the same subject, such as one that was published in January in the scientific journal Brain Behaviour and Immunity.

Pain Getty Images

How was this study performed?

40 women and men were put into a room. For 20 minutes, researchers put pressure on their forearms with a machine similar to a blood pressure monitor.

Then, each person had to rate the pain experienced on a scale from 1 to 100. The pain was apparently quite powerful since 7 out of 40 people rated their pain over 50.

The next day, the guinea pigs underwent the same test, in the same condition. Result? The men felt pain much more strongly than women did. The researchers concluded that male brains recall memories of pain more vividly than those of women.

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