This is why you should stop brushing your teeth in the shower

Are you often in a rush and want to save time by brushing your teeth in the shower? This is not necessarily the best thing to do; here’s why.

Surprisingly, many people brush their teeth in the shower. The reason? Mainly to save time and kill two birds with one stone by washing their body and teeth at the same time. However, it seems that this strategy is not ideal in terms of hygiene!

An unhygienic habit

It is often mistakenly believed that the bathroom, and more specifically the shower, is a bacteria-free environment. Assuming that people wash there daily, and that the shower walls are cleaned with water every day, it is difficult to believe that this space could be filled with bacteria. In fact, however, bathrooms and showers are veritable havens for bacteria. Think about it, it is a warm and moist environment. Nothing could be better for them.

If your toothbrush is left in the shower, bacteria could definitely grow on it. This was reported by Apartment Therapy, which specialises in tips about decorating and organising the home:

Brushing and spitting in an environment where we clean our bodies is setting yourself up for possible viruses, fungi, and mould, which can compromise your immune system.

A unecological gesture

Contrary to what you might think, brushing your teeth in the shower isn't exactly environmentally friendly either. When we brush our teeth in front of a sink, we tend to turn off the tap while brushing. On the other hand, if you're in the shower, you leave the water running to prevent yourself from getting cold.

In other words, leave your toothbrush where it should be, i.e., near your bathroom sink!

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