This is the horrifying reason you should really stop using a loofah

Do you usually wash with a body puff in the shower? Here's the surprising reason why you should stop right now! Read on to find out more.

Your body puff may be quite nice; it allows you to wash (and it also it makes a lot of foam!) and exfoliates the skin on the body and it even promotes circulation and blood flow. Now think about what you do with it right after you use it...

Like almost 99% of the people who use one, you probably put your loofah back in that humid and non-aerated space that is your shower. This is where the fatal error lies because this environment is very conducive to bacterial growth.

Think about it, on your beautiful pink, green, blue, blue, white, red or rainbow coloured body puff, thousands of invisible bacteria proliferate, including E.Coli.Not ideal for something that is supposed to wash us! But that's not all, as it gets even worse...

Beyond the proliferation of bacteria, scientists have also have found mould there because yes, once your dead skin is present on this accessory, it rots.

This combination of bacteria and mould could give users some very nasty side effects like skin irritation or even infection. This counts especially for your private areas as this is the part of your body where dangerous bacteria can sometimes grow.

Also, if you do insist on using a loofah, Healthline recommends avoiding it in the days after shaving as during this time the skin is particularly vulnerable and any potential bacteria on your loofah could penetrate the skin's protective barrier.

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But there is a solution

Now, you may be left wanting to burn your once loved shower tool. But, don't be discouraged, because there is a way to counteract all this if you can't do without it: just make sure to change your loofah every 3 to 4 weeks…

If you're eco-or budget-conscious, here's an alternative tip: you can also wash your body puff with white vinegar to disinfect it.Carry out this action at least once every 3 weeks to make sure bacteria doesn't get a chance to build up.

One study even dictates that washing your loofah in a diluted water solution with 10% bleach will also help to kill all the nasties that may be lying in your colourful body sponge. All you need to do is soak your loofah in the solution for five minutes, rinse it off thoroughly and dry it completely before adding it back to your bathroom routine.

But, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Take a look at the video above for more if you're not convinced!

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