Shaving: The 2 alternatives you should be using

Discover the two miraculous items you should be using instead of shaving foam to get smooth and supple skin after gliding your razor.

Shaving foam alternatives
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Shaving foam alternatives

Have you ever run out of shaving foam and wondered what you could use instead to glide your razor over your silky smooth skin? Well, worry no more, we provide you with 2 shaving foam alternatives and explain its benefits.

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1. Coconut oil

Foam alternative: Coconut oil Towfiqu barbhuiya

This extremely hydrating oil may be used to soothe skin and offer a slick surface for your blade.

According to Healthline:

Coconut oil contains a number of free fatty acids that make it highly moisturizing. Examples include lauric acid, linoleic acid, and palmitic acid.

Apply a thin layer of it on the skin, let it soak in, use a clean razor to shave, occasionally cleaning the build-up. Continue shaving and rinse with lukewarm water. This method is apt for shaving legs, arms, pits andface.


  • Functioning as a bactericidal deterrent
  • Rich antioxidant properties
  • The skin barrier is being repaired
  • Decreasing the inflammation of the skin

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2. Hair conditioner

Foam alternative: Hair conditioner Ian dooley

Women's Health on utilising a conditioner in place of shaving foam:

Conditioner is positively charged, making it attracted to hair (which is negatively charged), and thus able to coat the strands—whether it’s on your head or your legs.

You read that right, folks—a mild (or strong) hair conditioner is absolutely apt for shaving your legs/arms/pits. It works like a shaving cream, wherein it softens the hair follicle from its roots and makes it easier to glide your razor for an absolutely smooth finish.

The cosmetic chemist Ginger King says:

Conditioners are cationic which can coat the hair and give a smoother shave and leave legs soft.


Conditioner moisturizes hair after it has been absorbed, making it softer and less resistive to the blade while shaving.

Note: After shaving, do not forget to apply moisturiser!

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