These Are the Best Plants to Have to Rid Your Home of Pollution

Because many people are working from home during this pandemic, there can be increased bad electromagnetic waves circulating around the home. Here are the purifying plants that can get rid of them.

It is well known that electromagnetic waves can be very dangerous for our health. The problem is, we are surrounded by these bad waves on a daily basis, and even more so when working from home. Why?

Simply because we are now spending our days on our computers and phones. The result is therefore increased electromagnetic waves spreading out around our homes.

The good news is that there are purifying plants that can keep these bad waves away. These plants are very useful, even more so during this lockdown. Here's our list of the best plants to have in your home:


In addition to being ultra-trendy, cactuses also help to keep electromagnetic waves away, and, above all, can capture them. Cactuses produce oxygen at night. Thus, you can place them all over your home to ensure cleaner air.

Aloe Vera

You may not know it, but in addition to treating burns, aloe vera is one of the most effective purifying plants. The reason? They can absorb 90% of the electromagnetic waves present in the ambient air, and those released by televisions, computers, mobile phones, and WiFi routers.

Jade plants

This plant, which is part of the succulent plant family, has many virtues. It can help reduce stress and get rid of negative energy. Moreover, it is very feng shui and is said to repel electromagnetic waves. You can, therefore, have one on your desk without any problem.

The added advantage is that your purifying houseplants can add a tropical 'jungle' style to your interior decor, which is all the rage right now! So time to go pick up some new plants!

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