The everyday habits that are hurting your vagina

The vagina is a particularly sensitive area of a woman's body. Some everyday habits can put your reproductive health at risk.

Women need to take care of their intimate hygiene in order to stay healthy. However, some simple things can have a serious impact on your vagina.

Intimate products that are dangerous for the vagina

The vagina is a sensitive area for women and deserves special attention. Good intimate hygiene helps you to stay healthy and avoid many diseases. However, certain everyday actions can put your private parts at risk. In the long run, they can even lead to many diseases.

Intimate hygiene is important for women, but it should not be overdone. Many women use products to wash their vagina and think they have good hygiene. This is not the case. These products are far too aggressive and are not suitable for your private parts. They disturb the vaginal flora and can cause inflammation. Experts recommend washing the vagina with water only.

Beware of tight-fitting clothing

When menstruating, many women use tampons. Everyone knows that tampons make life particularly easy. However, according to gynaecologists, tampons increase infections and are partly responsible for toxic shock syndrome. This disease, due to the proliferation of bacteria, leads to a deterioration of the reproductive system... It is thus better to remain cautious and limit the use of tampons.

It cannot be said enough, but tight trousers are not good for your health. Skinny jeans, for example, prevent the vagina from being able to ‘breathe normally.’ They also increase the growth of bacteria. In the same vein, synthetic underwear should also be avoided.

Finally, softeners and certain detergents can be harmful to health. They are said to be responsible for irritation of the skin and your vagina. You should instead use hypoallergenic detergents, preferably for sensitive skin. Marseille soap is recommended for washing underwear.

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