Seven Hacks For Keeping Warm In The Cold Weather

Are you tired of the cold and having to wrap up in about 100 layers every time you step outside? Here are some tips to fight naturally against low temperatures without having to turn up your heating! We guarantee, these clever tricks will change your life.

Stock up on vitamin B12 and iron

Foods such as meat, fish, eggs, and cheese are good sources of these vitamins. You should take particular care to make sure you're getting enough iron and Vitamin B12 if you're a vegetarian or a vegan. Good vegan sources are fortified breakfast cereals, fortified unsweetened soya drinks, and Marmite. Making sure you have enough Vitamin B12 and iron will help regulate your body temperature.

Forget the coffee

This might not be what you want to hear... But whilst hot drinks are comfortingly warming in the winter, coffee can actually have the opposite effect. This is because caffeine hinders the body's ability to produce heat so can actually make you colder. Instead try a drink infused with ginger or cinnamon as these both have warming effects.

Wear proper clothes

The order of your layers is important. Wearing a cotton layer closest to your body then two layers of wool is the best option. The spaces between your clothes will act as thermal insulation.

Get your hands out of your pockets

When you're outdoors you should walk briskly to keep from getting cold. You should also get your hands out of your pockets! Leaving them out is better for your circulation. Bad circulation is often what causes you to feel cold.

Cover your head

We lose 10-15% of our body heat via our heads so get yourself some kind of headgear. There are plenty of cute hats or headscarves out there to choose from. Keep your feet toasty too by putting on two pairs of socks—first a thin pair then one pair that's thicker.

Insulate your home

This is important and if you are on a budget then try to find easy hacks to try. For instance, you can use bubble wrap to insulate your windows or cut pool noodles and place them at the bottom of each door to block air flow.

Carry a lighter with you

If your door keyhole is frozen you can light up your key and insert it into the keyhole. This should help speed up the process so you can get into your car or home.

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