How To Keep Flies And Mosquitos Away At Night

Tired of finding little mosquitos and other flies in your room at night? Well here is some really effective advice.

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Since summer has finally returned, mosquitoes and other little flying flies are making their comeback as well and you have to admit, there’s nothing worse or more annoying than being bitten or hearing that awful buzzing noise in your ear in the middle of the night.

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So if you want a solution to this annoyance and to finally spend your summer nights in peace, here are some tips on how to keep them away. And rest assured, these tips really do work.

Plant pots

If you want to keep those flies away, place a citronella plant in your bedroom window, preferably a large one. The smell from this plant will keep those pesky mosquitoes away.


It might sound a bit strange, but believe us, fans keep flies and mosquitoes away. Crank up the power and the air from the fan will stop the mosquitoes from bugging you! Mosquitoes tend to be less noticeable when the room is cold so if you have it, air conditioning could also be useful. However, we have to admit that this tip isn’t exactly environmentally responsible.

Essential oils

As well as coffee grounds being useful for in the house, essential oils are as well. In order to effectively keep flies away, put a few drops of lemongrass or mint essential oil in a dish on your bedside table and the smell of these oils will keep them away.

Mosquito nets

Last of all, and although it may sound quite radical, this is the most effective way to keep them away. If you don’t want mosquitoes to bother you at night, there is nothing quite like a good mosquito net! There are even tutorials available on how to make your own.

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