Potato milk: Here's why you should switch to this plant-based alternative

Plant-based milks are becoming and more popular as the years go by, and the latest drink is reported to take the world by storm this year is potato milk.

Thanks to the hype behind vegetarian and vegan lifestyles, as well as the proliferation of allergies and intolerances, we now have a huge range of new and innovative plant-based food products—like vegan hamburgers, sausages, and milk!

People have found a way to get 'milk', which is actually a dairy product, from various plants, including almonds, soya, oats, and even peas. This means that many people who are intolerant to dairy or are vegan, can enjoy a nice glass of milk without having to worry about their health, animals, or the environment.

By now we're all used to the various plant-based alternatives that are available, but there is a new type of milk that is apparently going to hit the shelves in British supermarkets soon—and it's a strange one. Potato milk!

According to Witrose's 2021-2022 food report, they're ready to put potato milk on the map and in their cafeterias 'in the coming months.'

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Organic, sustainable and exclusive

Although the Waitrose supermarket chain will sell the plant-based drink exclusively, the brand that produces the milk is actually a Swedish company called DUG.

The company says that the drink is a sustainable alternative to cow's milk and claims that its production is more environmentally-friendly than that of any other plant-based drink. Potato cultivation apparently takes up about half as much land as oat cultivation and uses 1/56th of the water that is usually needed for almond production.

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Three varieties of potato drink

This potato drink has three flavour varieties for your customers: original, barista and sugar-free. The original is focused on everyday consumption; the barista is creamier version which can create foam, and the sugar-free variety does not add any sweetener to its composition.

Waitrose intends to make the product available in coffee shops in the coming months, although it is currently only available in Sweden and the UK.

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