ASDA renames 'feminine hygiene' aisle to 'period products'

With their all-new social initiatives, ASDA is taking a step farther in eliminating gender and period prejudices.

ASDA, the largest British supermarket chain, created a splash on the internet today due to its new social inclusive initiative. They renamed the 'feminine hygiene' aisle to 'period products.' Here is what happened.

Welcome social change

'Period products'

Frequently, period-related items are found under the 'feminine hygiene' section. There are two significant flaws with this approach:

  1. The term 'feminine' already excludes people who get periods but don't identity as female
  2. The term 'hygiene' makes it seem like periods are unnatural and unhygienic

In today's world, ASDA's decision to replace the phrase 'feminine hygiene' with 'period products' is a welcome change. It's not only socially inclusive, but also period positive.

A spokesperson from ASDA commented:

We're proud to have made this change in our stores to better reflect shoppers' attitudes around period products. These items are an essential part of the shop for so many, so this change in wording helps us move towards removing the stigma from periods and period products.

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Social media praises

Social media praises

The period positivity displayed by ASDA has certainly been appreciated all over social media platforms, such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

Period charity, Binti International, tweeted:

Thank you and a massive shout out to @asda for leading the way in changing the language around menstruation. Sanitary hygiene or feminine hygiene suggests menstrual products are for something dirty. Time to change the language #SmashShame.
Period positive

A LinkedIn user commenting on their local store said:

Use language we all understand! Goodbye ‘feminine hygiene’; hello ‘period products’. Nice one Asda!

Another user quipped:

I was fully expecting 'feminine hygiene' so I'll take this small win. Hopefully they change towels to pads and drop all the outdated terminology asap!

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