This Is The Ponytail You Should Choose Based On The Shape Of Your Face

Just like colour or haircuts, some hairstyles don’t fit everyone. Such is the case of ponytails, which comes in several forms and are adaptable to different faces. Check out the video above to see which type is best for you.

Maybe you're in a hurry in the morning, going to the gym or it's hot... Ponytails are THE quick hairstyle and are effortlessly accessible to everyone. A simple rubber band is enough to clear your neck and face and ta-da, you're ready to go! Unfortunately, not all ponytails are right for all face shapes and it is important to know this in order to put your best face forward.

- Heart-shaped faces: narrow chin and wider forehead, these faces are shaped like a heart. You have to rebalance everything and for that, it's best not to draw attention to the top of the head. Your ideal ponytail is therefore halfway up. Do not hesitate to use a few strands in the front to make side bangs that will reduce the size of your forehead.

- Round faces: in order not to accentuate its roundness, you should wear a slightly messy ponytail. Leave a few strands out to balance and lengthen the face.

- Square faces: a low ponytail, at earlobe level, and stray locks are great tools to soften overly angular features. Most? Waves and a tapered fringe harmonize it all.

- Oval faces: good news, your already well-balanced face supports all types of hairstyles. Low tail, pineapple... You can do it all.

- Diamond-shaped faces: creating volume is the secret to rounding cheekbones and a pointed chin. Like Brigitte Bardot, pick up the roots and smooth longer hair backward.

- Elongated faces: unfortunately, ponytails are not made for you because they accentuate the length of your head. But multiple options are available to you. Why not a half-ponytail?

Now check out the video above for more hairspiration!

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