Shower Cap Hacks That Everyone Needs To Try

Shower caps are not only useful to keep your hair dry but you can also use them for several other activities around the house. Take a look at our gallery for some awesome tips.

Shower Cap Hacks That Everyone Needs To Try
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Shower Cap Hacks That Everyone Needs To Try

Clever Shower Cap Hacks

1. Pack shoes: Use them to pack your shoes in your luggage. Not only will it help keep your clothes clean but it's a great way to keep your shoes from bouncing all over your luggage.

2. Cooler: Use them as a way to chill your cold pasta. Just add ice cubes to the shower cap then place the bowl right on top of it.

3. Watermelon lid: The perfect seal for a huge watermelon. It keeps it fresh and juicy!

4. Slippers: Keep your feet from getting wet or dirty in the garden! Clever right?

5. Party decorations: Use them to make fun decorations with the kids. For instance, use them to make jellyfish decorations.

6. Lid for mixer: A shower cap is a great way to cover your mixers. Your food won't be splashing all over the place.

7. Bicycle seat cover: Keep your seats dry - it's a great protection for your bike seats.

8. Protect caps/lids: Another great way to protect your baseball caps from piling on dust.

9. Cover electronics: Use it to cover your iPad when you are cooking a delicious meal in the kitchen.

10. Protect camera lens: A brilliant way to protect the lens on your expensive camera! Keep it in tip top shape everytime you use it.