Asian Hacks That Will Simplify Your Life

Asian Hacks That Will Simplify Your Life
Asian Hacks That Will Simplify Your Life

Not everyone knows this but in our daily lives we tend to use many tricks that originated from Asia. For example, when you drop your phone in water then you are supposed to put it in a bag of dry rice so it can absorb the moisture and it works well doesn't it? Ohmymag brings you even more tips that will help enhance your everyday life! Take a look at our photo gallery for wonderful ideas.

Asian Hacks That Will Simplify Your Life

1. Clean windows: Be green and use old newspaper clippings to clean your windows. Your windows will look shiny and streak-free. Be natural and make your own window cleaning using vinegar and water.

2. Keep apples fresh: Spray or dip your apples in lemon juice. It will prevent your apples from turning brown and it will taste delicious.

3. Unwrinkle your clothes: After a hot steamy shower, hang your clothes in the bathroom. The steam from the hot shower will remove the wrinkles.

4. Heal kitchen burns: Add a little soy sauce on your kitchen burn - it will help ease the pain.

5. Remove odours: Place tea leaves in the fridge to remove strong odours.

6. Hot pack: Add some rice inside of an old pair of socks. You can heat this up in the microwave and treat it as a hot pack to relieve minor pain and sores.

7. Preserve salt and pepper: Add a little rice in the salt and pepper shaker. It will remove the excess moisture that would cause the spices to spoil and clump together.

8. No air conditioner: Place jugs of frozen water in front of a fan, it will help disperse cold air into your room.

9. Jeans: To find out if your jeans will fit without having to try them on, wrap the waist around your neck. If it goes all the way around then it will fit your waist too. Give it a try!

10. Remove negative energies: Add some Eucalyptus oil in your diffuser and it will help remove the negative vibes from your home.

11. Limit your food intake: Try to eat food with chopsticks. It will limit your food intake because it adds a little bit of challenge to your consumption.

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