Sour Skittles Ice Cream Bars Are What We’re Living for This Summer

Summer's coming, and looks like we found the perfect ice cream for those sunny days in the garden!

We may be stuck inside at the moment, but rest assured the summer is coming and we'll be soon sitting out in the garden sipping cold cocktails and having BBQs with our best mates.

When the sun is beaming down, there's nothing better than a nice cooler to cool you down. And just in time for this summer, it looks like Skittles decided to drop a new product that has us absolutely frothing at the mouth!

Introducing... Crazy Sours Skittles Cooler Pops!

They've already seen their way on to Iceland shelves across the UK in the past couple weeks, costing just £1.50. According to reviews, these coolers aren't for the faint of heart: they're seriously sour!

According to reviews on the official Iceland website, the product looks to be a smash hit:

They have a good balance between the sweet and the sour, the only negative point is that they're a little on the expensive side.
Very nice, sour on the outside and creamy in the middle with added skittle shells, deffo buy again.

It's not just the people on the Iceland website who are hyping up these coolers. The reactions on Twitter so far have been overwhelmingly positive.

Consider us sold!

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