Benefits Of Almonds For Slimming

Benefits Of Almonds For Slimming

Looking for a healthy snack that you can eat whilst trying to lose weight? Ohmymag brings you everything you need to know about the slimming properties of almonds. Read below to learn more!

How Almonds Can Help You Lose Weight 

1. Benefits of almonds: The almond is the fruit of the almond tree which is enclosed in a hard shell. Most nuts and dried fruits are very rich in nutrients and the almond is no exception. It contains fibre, thus promoting good digestion. But it also has a high calcium and magnesium content. There are also fatty acids in almonds, but that does not mean that it makes you fat. On the contrary, a regular consumption of almonds in a reasonable quantity helps to regulate satiety which can help lead to weight loss. Eating a dozen whole and natural almonds a day is an ideal quantity.

2. Consuming almonds: As part of a slimming diet, it is better to consume whole almonds without added salt. When eaten whole, the lipids contained in almonds are not all assimilated by the body, which is not the case when they are in the form of powder. Thus, you can eat almonds during the day when you feel a craving.

In addition, it is advisable to eat almonds with the skin because this is the part that contains the most nutrients. It's easy to add whole almonds to salads, fish dishes, and even soups.

3. Side effects of almonds: To benefit from the properties of almonds as part of a diet, it is important not to eat too many. A handful a day is a reasonable amount. Consuming more may cause you to gain weight because these nuts are rich in fatty acids. Similarly, excessive consumption of almonds can cause digestive disorders because they contain a lot of fibre.

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In addition, this nut contains manganese, a mineral necessary for the body, but which can also interact with certain drugs, especially with antibiotics. It is therefore recommended to consult your pharmacist or doctor if you have any doubt about a possible interaction. To make the most of the benefits of almond to help you lose weight while avoiding possible side effects, it is advisable to eat a dozen per day.

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