Netflix’s Controversial New Film 365 Days Is Said to Be More Erotic Than 50 Shades of Grey – Here’s Why It’s So Problematic

Netflix's new ‘erotic’ film, 365 Days, follows in 50 Shades of Grey's footsteps. However, this new Netflix original has been creating quite the controversy.

Have you seen the trailer for 365 Days? This Netflix original is a poignant erotic film which follows in 50 Shades of Grey's footsteps. This Polish film was released a few days ago on the streaming platform, and it is already a huge success around the world.

What is it about? A rich mobster called Massimo kidnaps a young woman he fell in love with five years ago. He then gives her exactly one year to fall in love with him. If not, he'll take her back to her loved ones. Quite the story!

The two main actors, Michele Morrone and Anna Maria Sieklucka, have seduced the Polish audience, but what about English-speaking viewers?

Differing opinions on the web

We know that out of Netflix’s June releases, this film is ranked second. In first place is the final season of 13 Reasons Why, and in third place is Dynasty. However, we can see why the internet has been divided over this new film.

Opinions on social networks have differed. One part of the audience has been charmed by both the work itself and the actors, while the rest of the viewers seem to be confused. Many internet users have denounced certain sex scenes as depicting rape:

In any case, go and watch the film on Netflix and make up your own mind! Fans are already waiting for the second instalment which promises to create quite the buzz as well. You read that right, this Netflix original is based on a book which has a sequel!

For those who want to see the trailer, check out the video above!

Michele Morrone from Netflix's 365 Days Opens Up About the 'Explicit' Sex Scenes Michele Morrone from Netflix's 365 Days Opens Up About the 'Explicit' Sex Scenes