Zodiac: These are the worst traits of a Virgo

As a perfectionist, you want everything to be exactly to your liking… Which can definitely push people in the other direction!

These are the worst traits of a Virgo
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These are the worst traits of a Virgo

As the zodiac’s favorite organizer, you definitely know how to get things done, Virgo! You’re great at optimizing processes, whether it’s figuring out a difficult system at work or ironing out travel plans with your best buds. However, there are a few things that could make people want to keep you at an arm’s length at times.

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Here are the worst traits of a Virgo:


Virgos are experts at critical thinking, says Lani Akingbade of YourTango, but this often extends to how you perceive others. That means you can be pretty judgmental about what other people do or say, making you think they aren’t doing enough to pursue their goals. Let people do things the way they want to and focus on your own lane—you’ll avoid unnecessary conflict that way!

These are the worst traits of a Virgo Goodfellas (1990) / Warner Bros.

Too self-reliant

As a perfectionist, you want everything to be done your way, which often means you refuse to ask for help even when you’re drowning in tasks and responsibilities. Though you take pleasure in doing things by yourself, you’re fairly obstinate about it, preferring to try every way conceivable before finally calling in backup, according to YourTango. You’re never a bother to people, so don’t be afraid to rely on your friends and family!

Easily irritated

It’s not like your mission of the day is to feel irritated at the inefficient ways everyone else is going about their duties. Still, that doesn’t do anything to stem the annoyance surging through you, especially when someone bothers you as you’re focusing on something, observes YourTango. This makes you a little reactive, and people will then be hesitant to approach you for anything.


Virgos value efficiency, which means they’re particular about getting certain things done. This meticulousness means they have specific preferences for just about everything, whether it’s a movie they want to watch, what to do when hanging out, or what to eat, says YourTango. While it’s important to know what you want, this makes it difficult to appreciate whatever life puts in front of you and try it out!

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