Sagittarius: Here are the perfect gifts for this zodiac sign

Not sure what to get your adventurous Sagittarius friends? We’re here to help.

Sagittarius gift guide christmas
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Sagittarius gift guide christmas

Everyone’s favorite time of the year is fast approaching, which means it’s time to get cracking on those shopping lists. On top of your other holiday preparations, combing through the Internet and your local shopping complexes for the perfect gift can get extremely tedious, especially when you’re looking for something your recipient doesn’t already have. Gift shopping is easily the hardest and most exciting part of the season, after all!

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The good news is that we’re here to give you some ideas. Here are some gifts that will appeal to the Sagittarius in your life:

Polaroid camera

Sagittarians love going on adventures, and what they love even more is documenting all the exciting memories they make. They are always snapping pictures on their phone, but never really take the time to get them printed.

Luckily, with a polaroid camera there is no need - the snaps print instantly! Plus, the vintage aesthetic is very pleasing and having the physical momento of a moment helps to make sure you remember it forever! Maybe to begin, you could take some Christmas snaps after your Sagittarius opens their gift.

Crystal-Infused zodiac nail polish

Okay, this one might seem quite niche, but bear with us. You can get polish that is infused with crystals, and carries their energy in the liquid. For example, choose a nail polish made with citrine, a crystal that reinforces imagination, manifestation, and willpower, for your Sagittarius.Three things that the star sign resonates with very much! Go for a deep shade; something bold enough to inspire intrigue but not loud enough that it screams 'look at me'.

Scratch map

Many Sagittarians dream of traveling the world. When you’ve visited several countries, though, you’ll want to keep track—which is why a scratch map is the perfect gift for them. With each new place they visit, they can scratch it off. Try to get one that has a coloured layer underneath so that every time they scratch off a country, theyreveal a beautiful color that puts the destination in contrast with the rest of the map. It’s rustic enough to appeal to a Sagittarius’ sense of adventure but contains enough glamour for them to want it on their wall. What more could you ask for?

Party games

Sagittarians are naturally curious, and they love to get a conversation going. Get them a party game that focuses on asking juicy questions—hypothetical, awkward, thought-provoking—and your Sagittarius will be sure to love it. With 300 questions, it will take a while for them to go through!

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