This Royal may expose family secrets, and it’s not Prince Harry

Prince Harry or his upcoming memoir isn’t the only threat that the Royal Family faces, this royal family member can spill some of the beans too.

Mike Tindall could spill Royal Secrets
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Mike Tindall could spill Royal Secrets

After rumours of Mike Tindall heading to I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here became true, everybody’s excited to see the Royal Family member on the show. Mike flew to Australia last week and is ready to begin his journey when the ITV show that starts at 9pm Sunday.

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Open book clause

After he landed in Australia, he gave an interview before going to the camp. He spoke about a lot of things, including how he’s going to miss his family the most and concerns about him being ‘hangry’. But amidst those statements, one of his telling comments indicates that he may spill royal secrets.

According to Mirror, when the 44-year-old former professional rugby player was asked about the misconception that he’ll want to dispel as he steps foot into the jungle, his reply was rather cryptic. The late Queen’s granddaughter’s husband replied:

Nothing. I am an open book.

Mike also has a podcast called The Good, The Bad and The Rugby and he often gives an insight into the life behind palace walls. So, to assume that he may spill a secret or two on the show to survive wouldn’t be an entirely wrong misconception.

Permissions and request

Despite not being a working or senior member of the Royal Family, Mike had to take permission or discuss his appearance with the senior Royal Family members. As he landed at the airport, a reporter asked him:

Initial reports said you sought permission from certain members of the royal household, is that true?

And Mike’s reply to the question was rather ‘blunt’, reported Mirror. He said:

It’s not something I need to tell you though is it.

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