Who is Rachel Reeves? Laura Kuenssberg sheds light on her personality: 'Deadly serious'

Laura Kuenssberg has shared her thoughts on Rachel Reeves, the new chancellor. The BBC reporter talks about Reeves's personality and what kind of chancellor she’ll be.

Laura Kuenssberg Rachel Reeves new chancellor
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Laura Kuenssberg Rachel Reeves new chancellor

Laura Kuenssberg used to be the BBC’s political editor, however, in 2022 she stepped down after holding the position for seven years, as per The Guardian. She went on to replace Andrew Marr as the face of Sunday Morning Politics.

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Kuenssberg is no stranger to the world of politics and she's undoubtedly had her hands full with the recent general elections and the new government being led by Sir Keir Starmer, who appointed his new cabinet earlier this week. Among the new members taking office, Rachel Reeves has been appointed as chancellor.

Prior to her taking the position, Laura Kuenssberg shared her thoughts on Reeves and what her personality is like, in an article for the BBC in March 2024.

So, who is Rachel Reeves, and what are Kuenssberg’s thoughts about the new chancellor?

Who is Rachel Reeves?

As reported by BBC News, Rachel Reeves was born in south-east London in 1979. The 45-year-old used to spend a lot of time with her family as a child. It is also reported that from a young age she was wise with money.

Indeed, Reeves and her sister Ellie would often receive 20p or 50p from family members and at the end of the week, head to a toy shop to spend it. Ellie would spend all of her money, while young Rachel would only spend a small amount and save the rest. With that knowledge, it isn’t surprising to know that Reeves went on to become the Bank of England economist.

Rachel Reeves is now the new chancellor, making her the UK’s first female chancellor. As per BBC News, she is married to Nicholas Joicey, and they have two children.

Rachel has been described as ‘serious’ and ‘determined’, but is that really what she’s like?

What is Rachel Reeves’ personality like?

Laura Kuenssberg investigation involved talking to Rachel Reeves’ friends, colleagues and opponents to decipher what the country’s new chancellor is like after a poll revealed that only 10% of the public knows what she stands for.

Kuenssberg explains that Reeves is often perceived as ‘deadly serious’ as her mother showed her how to manage money from a young age. Moreover, colleagues have said the new chancellor is ‘hungry for work’ and often ‘messages at all times of day and night’. Another colleague describes the new chancellor as the ‘cleverest person in the room’.

A member of the Labour Party said that Rachel is 'normal, likeable, relatable' but added you wouldn't want to get on her wrong side:

She is a normal, likeable, relatable person but you wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of her politically because she would probably eat you for breakfast.

However, her work in politics doesn’t show Rachel’s more humorous side. One colleague explains that Reeves can be heard laughing loudly in Westiminster’s corridors and she ‘loves a glass of wine’. Others have also added that the mum-of-two sings show tunes during campaign trips and enjoys listening to Beyoncé.

Moreover, Kuenssberg revealed that Reeves is ‘fiercely’ protective of her family and always makes time for them. Indeed, she has made her children’s World Book Day costumes.

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